The Top Five Reasons Motorist Needed Assistance In 2017

As tow truck professionals working in Edmonton Canada, our expert fleet see a lot of drivers in difficulty every day.

And the reasons range from the mundane to the not so ordinary! has put together a list of the five most common reasons for needing to call out roadside recovery, as told by our professional tow drivers!


Would you believe it? Lockouts are actually one of the top reasons for calling out roadside assistance.

And the worst thing about it is, this is completely preventable!

We would urge motorists to always have a spare set of keys for their vehicle. It is a no brainer. It saves time, trouble and expense if you should find yourself locked out because of lost or faulty keys.

Because most keys are microchipped these days, you need to order your spare set from an authorized dealership.

Although our assistance drivers can help you get back in behind the wheel, it really pays to pre empt the problem before it happens.

We would advise motorists to keep their spare set of keys safely at home!


One of the biggest problems facing motorists in 2017 (and every other year since the motor car first triumphed over the checkered flag) is a flat battery.

This is a perennial problem, which only gets worse as the year wears on and the colder months are with us.

It is advisable to change your car battery every three to five years, to avoid becoming one of these roadside statistics.

We would also advise getting a service on your vehicle regularly – annually is a good idea – as the better your car is maintained, the less likely this is to happen.

Other factors contributing to your battery dying in the least convenient place on earth (because it always is) include making a lot of smaller journeys. And there may not be a lot you can do about that, unfortunately.


Without fail, our team receive a callout from a member of the public requesting help because of a flat tire.

The reason for this is unfortunately because tire problems can be hard to prevent.

Getting a puncture can be hard to see coming, because often, it is not the motorist’s fault.

It may be due to sharp objects and debris on the highway. Sometimes, it might also be due to poor road maintenance, another common problem.

A flat tire, on the other hand, can usually be avoided.

Also, ensure you always carry a spare tire -and know how to fit one!

Remember to check the tread of your tires and the air pressure before any long journey.

We would tell all our customers that regularly checking their tires is the easiest way to prevent a costly callout!


A faulty starter will mean that your car simply won’t start and the first you will know about it is when you can’t get your car off the driveway one morning.

Or, worse still, get out of the traffic light junction or highway that you had just pulled up at.

Once again, the only real answer to this problem is vigilance and an annual check up.


If you are always finding you have problems with your battery, you might actually have a faulty alternator.

This can be fixed by our roadside assistance squad.

Telltale signs of an alternator problem include the temperature of the engine rising quickly and the ignition warning light being shown.

If you see these signs, don’t ignore them – call for assistance or take your car to a garage asap!