About Us

We are a family business who have been providing assistance and towing services for the local area since 1984.

Our customers come back to us, time and again and what is more, they then recommend us to their friends and family.

This means we have a plethora of loyal customers, without ever having to advertise our services!

We can guarantee, that no matter where you are – near or far from our business, that we will not leave you stranded.

We can send a recovery vehicle or assistance operative out to you, in most cases, within an hour of you calling us.

In a lot of instances, we are there faster – in under half an hour, in fact!

Our track record is second to none and we can provide a long list of testimonials from our satisfied customers.

We are committed to putting our customers first and serving them, in their hour of need.

We know that when you are broken down at the roadside, it is an emergency. You need to be on your way as soon as possible. And that is even without extreme weather conditions, small children or elderly persons being present.

We do our utmost to reach you, as soon as possible.

Our able mechanics should be able to fix most common problems at the roadside and see you on your way within half an hour of us arriving at the scene.

Sometimes, that doesn’t happen, and the job requires a mechanic in an equipped garage to assist. In that case, we will take your vehicle to the garage of your choice and arrange for it to be fixed.

99% of our customers have said they would recommend us to their friends and family and that is a statistic that makes us very proud.

So, in your car’s darkest hour, let us bring a light!