Our Services

We are open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Whatever or whenever your emergency, we can send someone out to help you.


We know it’s embarrassing, but our staff do not judge you for getting locked out of your vehicle. They know that it can happen to the best of us!

If you have locked yourself out of your car, then in most cases, we can get you back in swiftly.

Our staff can liaise with the dealerships and people you need in order to obtain a spare set of keys for your vehicle.

So call us for help now!


If your car cannot be repaired at the roadside, then we can recover your vehicle for you.

We are quick and courteous and in many cases, we will be there within the hour!

We promise not to add to your stress, because being broken down at the roadside is stressful enough!

It also may not cost as much as you think it will do.

Our fleet can recover vehicles of all shapes and sizes – you aren’t alone!


As well as a fleet of recovery vehicles, we also have some first rate roadside mechanics.

They can very often fix your car at the roadside whilst you wait.

Our rates are reasonable and our staff highly experienced.

In eight out of ten cases, your car will be fixed there and then -at least enough to reach a garage.

In about twenty percent of the cases we will tow your car to the nearest garage.


Our towing service is not only for emergencies, although this is most often the reason you will call us.

We also offer other towing services.

These are removing old or rusty cars for private customers, removing illegally parked cars for business clients.

We can also arrange to give you a tow vehicle or hire you a tow truck for you caravan, trailer, or horse box.

Multi vehicle carriers are our specialty, so whatever you need a ride for, we can help you.


A flat tire or a puncture is one of the most common reasons for needing assistance or a tow.

We can help you with your tire problems and change a tire or bring you a spare one, if you are without.

Call us for our very reasonable rates and highly professional service.

For our customers, we are as essential as an emergency service!