What To Do If You Accidentally Misfuel

…Aah, we’ve all done it… That moment, when you realize that you have put the wrong fuel in your car.

So, you might be thinking, what do I do now and is it really that bad if I try and drive it?

Well, it is good news and bad news here, because whilst you can still take steps to rectify the situation, it really is that bad if you try and drive your car anywhere.

And we mean anywhere. Like, at all.

Don’t even turn the keys in the ignition. It may cause serious damage to the engine.

Instead, if you need to move your car – and you will, even if it’s just off the forecourt whilst you await assistance, then you need to give it a push or of course, get a tow.

The most common error is putting petrol into a diesel engine and is especially common, although diesel into a petrol engine can happen also.

We would advise removing the keys and calling roadside assistance asap.

If you have put diesel into a petrol engine it could be detrimental and end up with you needing a whole new pump, pipe, injector or even engine!

The best ways to avoid misfuelling are obviously to check which pump you are using carefully.

If you have just bought a new car that takes a different fuel then take the time to check carefully when you are at the forecourt.

We would advise sticking a note on your dashboard reminding you of your new fuel, so you don’t accidentally put the wrong one in.

Take the time to read what it says on the pump, don’t just rely on it being the ‘right’ color. It could easily not be!

If you have a diesel car it’s possible to buy something that goes into the filler neck to stop a petrol nozzle being accidentally placed in there.

Other ways to prevent misfuelling include not fueling your car when you are stressed or tired – you are more likely to make a mistake.

When you have called for assistance, the recovery truck will drain your fuel tank.

Sometimes, this may be easier or harder, depending on how much fuel is in there, if you have driven the car and which fuel it is.

Not every mis-fuel can be treated at the roadside, but most can be. And it should be rectifiable with swift treatment!